Toss The Turtle Game

Toss the Turtle is truly a fascinating game and it has an edge over other games when it comes to playability. There is no doubt about the fact that this game is truly an addiction, and you will not be able to let it go when you start playing the game. This game motivates you to achieve greater laurels. You cannot only beat your own score, but you can even beat the score of other players. You can even get all the 40 medals. If you break records and earn money, then you can easily buy the entire equipment in no time.
The game is played with mouse only!

An Overview of Toss the Turtle

toss the turtleNow it might be a bit frustrating when you start the game, and you might find the long distances a bit difficult. However, as you upgrade the items, then you will visibly notice an improvement in the distance. What makes this game stand out is that the controls of Toss the Turtle game are quite simple, and you will not have an issue in playing this game. Using your mouse, you have to aim the cannon at a specific angle.

Next, you need to hold the mouse down, and the built up power has to be released. If the turtle is in the airborne state, then make use of the [W] [A] [S] and the [D] key for directing the turtle through the air. For shooting the turtle you need to click with the mouse. [W][A][S][D] Can also prove to be quite useful when you have to get your hands on the cash bags.

When you start the game, then you will have a slingshot and basic canon at that point of time. However, you need to be very careful when you are making the purchases. You cannot end up buying the wrong items because that can prove to be pretty costly for you.

The key goal of this game is to toss the Turtle as far as possible using weapons and guns.

Things to Remember While Playing Toss the Turtle

Well, the following are some of the things that you need to remember while playing the game.

  • You need to make use of the direction key to hitting the obstacles that come in your way. This will prove to be quite beneficial as you cover the distance.
  • Jetpacks, cannons, and bombs should be used for shooting the turtle as far as possible.
The best part is that Toss the Turtle has this autosave option so you can easily opt for frequent breaks. When you earn points, then you will get enough money to buy equipment so shop at that point of time. This game is an excellent choice for you when you are looking for a perfect fun game to pass your free time. Another quality about this game is that you have this retry option, so if you feel that you did not get success at a certain level, then you can use the retry option and make an attempt to reach your goal all over again.

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