Frequently Asked Questions about Toss The Turtle Game

What is the cost of playing the game

Toss The Turtle Game is totally free of cost and you can play the game unlimited amount of time free of charge. is the official website of the game and the game is free here, but we are not responsible for any charges made to the players outside of our website.

The game doesn't, load what should i do?

Since 2014 Firefox stoped supporting flash elements while browsing on the internet. This is why we strongly suggest using Google Chrome or Safari if you want to play this game. Make sure you wait up to a minute before the game fully loads. If the game still won't start use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

How to unblocked the game at school?

Since games pull the attention of students in the school, teachers usually block all the websites that contain online games. As a result of this our website is blocked in some of the schools across the globe. If this is the case at your school, then make sure you head out to some of the web-proxies like KProxy to play Toss The Turtle unblocked.

Will there be a sequel to this game?

So far this is the only published version of Toss The Turtle game. We are not in touch with the developer, however we are constantly monitoring the web for a secound version announcement and if there is one this will be the first website to publish the game.

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